Why are crossing lights not being considered at 11th and Nicholson?

    Crossing lights (such as a pedestrian-activated light) at 11th and Nicholson are up for consideration, but this only treats one intersection and does not address safety concerns along the entire corridor. Additionally, in its current configuration, 11th and Nicholson does not meet certain engineering standards for a light. There are a few design treatments that we can make to address this intersection and the entire corridor. These treatments are part of the proposal and also make it easier to implement a light, should one be necessary in the future:

    • Reduce the number of lanes on 11th
    • Limit turning movements, such as left turns, from Nicholson onto 11th and 11th onto Nicholson.
    • Pedestrian refuge island (FHWA proven safety countermeasure)

    Besides 11th and Nicholson, are there plans for pedestrian refuge islands at other intersections along 11th?

    Recognizing the difficulty crossing Heights Boulevard, we plan to implement a pedestrian refuge island and simplify turning movements at this intersection. We have also heard from the community that pedestrian refuge islands would be useful at intersections with neighborhood streets near local schools, like Ashland and Harvard. We would love to hear of other intersections where a pedestrian island would be useful.

    Is it too late in the design process to add barriers to protect these bike lanes? I am enthusiastically in support of this project, but paint only lanes make me much less comfortable.

    Most of the 11th Street Bikeway will be protected by a physical barrier, such as armadillos or concrete curb. The bikeway includes a designated lane for people biking (between 5-6ft), space between the lane and vehicle traffic (a 1.5-2ft buffer), and in the buffer will be a physical barrier. On Michaux Street, where traffic volumes are low and vehicle speeds are slower, we will designate shared space for people biking and driving. 

    Will this project include cleaning/maintenance plans and budgets to ensure that the bike lanes stay in tip-top shape?

    The City's Bicycle Advisory Committee is working on a bike lane maintenance plan right now. We recognize that maintenance of bikeways is also a safety issue, so developing a strategy to ensure our bikeways are clear of debris is also part of a strategy to ensure our bikeways are safe for everyone.

    How will this impact METRO bus route 30 that runs along 11th? Have bus stop locations and potentially improvements been coordinated?

    We will coordinate with METRO on proposed bikeways and ensure bus stops are accessible and in the right places. The 30 Clinton/Ella bus route usually runs every 30 minutes during peak hours and every 60 minutes during off-peak hours. With this frequency, bus pick-up/drop-off can be managed alongside a protected bikeway while maintaining safety for everyone. A shared bus/bike area will be designated. Since June 2020, the route now operates every 60 minutes during peak and off-peak hours. 

    I understand that this is not in your scope, but where can we get an update on the Shepard/Durham project?

    Memoral Heights Redevelopment Authority and TIRZ 5 are leading improvements to Shepherd/Durham. Project information can be found at https://memorialheightstirz5.com/projects/shepherd-and-durham-major-investment-project/