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GOAL: Plan for the Future

29 Jul 2020

Develop an Alief Transportation and Mobility Master Plan 

  • ACTION STEPS: Develop and implement a transportation and mobility master plan and integrate it into existing federal, state, regional, county, and city transportation planning efforts to reduce congestion and increase safety


Community: International District | Role: Implement

City: Houston Public Works | Role: Support

Community Connector: Texas Department of Transportation | Role: Support 

Organize a Pedestrian and Bike Plan Advisory Committee

  • ACTION STEPS: Develop a community pedestrian and bike plan advisory committee to identify and prioritize pedestrian and bicycle improvements and amenities 


Community: Alief/Westwood NST, International District | Role: Outreach, Implement

City: Planning and Development Department | Role: Support 

Community Connectors: Bike Houston, Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities, Area Churches, Schools, and Civic Organizations | Role: Support

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