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Goal: Safe streets

29 Jul 2020

Improve Area Streets  

  • ACTION STEPS: Advocate for the completion of current CIP street improvement projects including Kirkwood and Dairy Ashford panel replacement, Westpark paving and drainage: Wilcrest to Dairy Ashford Road, and Hunting Village Sec 4 Area paving and drainage; Develop a campaign to encourage residents to report potholes to 311 (identified problems were along Boone Road, Bissonnet Street, Kirkwood Road, and Dairy Ashford Road  


Community: Alief/Westwood NST | Role: Advocate

City: Houston Public Works, ARA | Role: Support, Implement

Community Connector: International District | Role: Advocate

Pilot a road diet on Boone Road 

  • ACTION STEPS: Study the possibility of a temporary or pilot road diet for Boone Road north of Bellaire, including outreaching to impacted residents and business owners to develop plans for the resultant unused street space, such as a protected bike lane or on-street parallel parking 


Community: Alief /Westwood NST | Role: Advocate, Outreach

City: Planning and Development Department, Houston Public Works | Role: Support, Implement

Community Connectors: International District, Area Businesses and Residents | Role: Advocate, Support

Calm traffic on local streets  

  • ACTION STEPS: Identify and prioritize local streets where traffic calming is needed to reduce speeds and ensure pedestrian safety; Advocate for the provision of traffic calming at these locations 


Community: Alief/Westwood NST | Role: Prioritize, Advocate

City: Houston Public Works | Role: Support

Community Connectors: District F and J, International District, Area Civic Clubs | Role: Support, Implement

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