July 23 2021

Post public review draft of the design guidelines online.

(Participants can review a draft of the design guidelines until the final document is posted.)

July 23 2021

Post two pre-recorded online workshop modules with survey questions.

(Participants can engage in the workshop modules on their own for a three-week period.)

August 04 2021

Conduct on "live online" Question & Answer Session

(This is a one-hour session that provides an opportunity to ask questions about the workshop and draft design guidelines.)

August 22 2021

Online workshop modules and survey closes.

(The survey closes, but the presentation can still be viewed.)

August 30 2021

Post workshop summary, completed by:

(A short summary of the workshop findings will be posted.)

September 30 2021

Conduct one follow-up meeting (online) with the neighborhood association board, completed by:

(This meeting is to review the workshop findings and answer questions.)

October 29 2021

Post final draft of the design guidelines, completed by: