Comments on Proposed Intersection and Crossing Improvements Phase 2 Posterboard
Proposed Intersection and Crossing Improvements for Phase 2 of North Main Street Safety Improvement project from Cottage to Airline. Shown at public meeting on May 23, 2023. Includes 9 comments on sticky notes. Comment 1 says "Median/Blvd instead of bike lanes". Comment 2 says "Protest Against!" and includes a signature. Comment 3 says "my life is important than 2 min people lose waiting at a light". Comment 4 says "people already use local streets to avoid N Main". Comment 5 says "Thank you COH Keep up the great work" and includes a smiley face. Comment 6 says "Edsee @14th, traffic light to manage angular crossing? And needs safety ped crossing". Comment 7 says "turn lane here @ Moss, but concerned about encouraging cut thru". Comment 8 says "re-paint fire lanes on Melwood b/c people are parking in them". Comment 9 says "Protest stop protest".